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川F艮師`x議廓晒 2013廓偏l婢c寄
2013定4埖29-5埖5晩 社順廓w狼
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LOVE architecture and urbanism O了噐帽代轡針慌才。瓜眞楜追爽h@壓販採了崔脅辛參仞p欺胆議徭隼L高。`試議祇揃住宥O揖r匆廣嶷業邪翫議暴畜來c芦o。


surrounding area

from the project area on the hill it is easy to view the most important spots in the area of Piest`any. the lake view in the south and the view to the mountains in the west give the project area a very valuable orientation. for the relaxation part there is a direct visibility to the old core of Piest`any as well as to the spa island. the location and orientation of every building in this project is intended to support the visible connection to the mentioned spots.

urbanism: the green islands

in our opinion the site of the ^iuris relax hotel & resort ̄ should become a strongly recognizable urban pattern of various, interconnected identities with an intensive focus on landscape and recreational qualities. in order to realize this intention, green islands with various characters will be scattered all over the site. altogether the islands (and their spaces in between) are creating a vibrant pattern of interrelated qualities. the scale of the pattern expresses perfectly the location of the site between a city and the surrounding environment. each island defines a building area with a certain program, utilization and density. orientation and navigation throughout the area makes traffic flow effortless. further our urban pattern is a remarkable eye catcher which supports the marketing of the development.

car traffic & parking

there are three different road types leading through the island pattern:

1. the new main road (PUBLIC) which connects Piest`any with the new residential area in the west. it passes the resort at its borders.

2. the AquaDome Access Road (PUBLIC). this road leads directly to the parking lot of the aqua dome. so the daily visitors never touch the resort area. the location of the parking lot and the ADAR allows an easy connection of the traffic with the future access from the planned bypass.

3. the resort road (PRIVATE). this road leads to all parts of the resort. It¨s private and secure/quiet. the hotel has a parking garage, parking lots for the cottages are located on the edges of the lodge islands.

flexible building phases

the pattern is characterized by an extraordinary flexibility concerning building phases and realization steps. so the islands can be built all at once or in several flexible steps. these phases C and their content C can be established as the development demands at a certain moment. each phase performs perfectly on its own (regarding urbanism, traffic and infrastructure) and each upcoming island can easily be attached to the existing pattern

O並嬲 LOVE architecture and urbanism

仇c 帽代轡針

中e 45 000 峠圭致


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